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Innovative Teeth Whitening Services in New York City, NY

Having bright beautiful teeth is key to having a perfect smile. Even with the most diligent dental care, your teeth will darken over time. This darkening will be accelerated by factors like the food and beverages you consume (especially coffee, tea, and soda), childhood medications or illnesses, tobacco use, or improper oral hygiene. 

If you're in the Manhattan area, NY Smile Specialists offers teeth whitening services to help bring out your smile. We place a priority on helping to restore your bright smile, using the latest in dental bleaching technology. Teeth whitening is becoming a very popular option and is highly requested by our patients. There is a growing market focused on whiter teeth, but the over-the-counter solutions are not as effective as our first-rate procedures. Our industry-approved methods will help us achieve our goal of ensuring that all of our patients’ specific needs are met.

One of our more popular teeth whitening methods involves using a customized tray containing a bleaching solution, when this is used for a couple of hours a night for about two weeks; the results are white and bright. 

Nothing improves your appearance more than a bright, white smile!

If you live in the Manhattan, NY area and are looking for superior teeth whitening services, call us today to schedule an appointment!

NY Smile Specialists will Improve the Look of your Stained Teeth

The Three Day Extreme Smile Makeover

We understand that maintaining a perfect smile isn't easy, especially with a busy New York City lifestyle.  But busy or not, everyone in Manhattan deserves a perfect smile, especially if you want to impress.  At NY Smile Specialists, we offer a complete smile makeover in just 3 days, complete with full concierge service for travel and hotel, limos, etc. in New York City.  Whether you have a big job interview approaching, your wedding right around the corner or just want to look and feel good, we can help your smile shine!  If you're interested in our Three Day Extreme Smile Makeover to help make your smile shine, contact us today!  Please allow at least two weeks for proper arrangements to be made.
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