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When Stress Takes a Toll on Your Teeth
New York Times

WITH economic pressures affecting millions of Americans, dentists may have noticed a drop in patients opting for a brighter smile, but they are seeing another phenomenon: a rise in the number of teeth grinders. 

"I'm seeing a lot more people that are anxious, stressed out and very concerned about their financial futures and they're taking it out on their teeth," said Dr. Steven Butensky, a dentist with a specialty in prosthodontics (aesthetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry) in Manhattan. 

One of his patients lost hundreds of thousands of dollars invested with Bernard L. Madoff. Another reported that he had lost a job with a seven-figure salary. A third, a single mother with a floral design business on Long Island, said she was working twice as hard for half as much. 

"All three are grinders, directly affected by what's going on out there," Dr. Butensky said, gesturing outside his Midtown office window. 

Dr. Robert Rawdin, another Manhattan dentist with a specialty in prosthodontics, said he had seen 20 to 25 percent more patients with teeth grinding symptoms in the last year. And in San Diego, Dr. Gerald McCracken said that over the last 18 months his number of cases had more than doubled. They, along with other dentists interviewed for this article, chalk it up to the economy. Click For Full Story
Dr. Robert Rawdin – Secretary, Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics
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