DIAGNOdent Tooth Decay Prevention

DIAGNOdent Tooth Decay Prevention in Midtown Manhattan, NY | NY Smile Specialists
Healthy and attractive teeth are more valued by patients. To properly maintain these teeth, it is essential to get the earliest possible care. DIAGNOdent is a revolutionary new technology that can find even the smallest areas of tooth decay. This allows Dr. Rawdin and his staff to target and treat small issues before they become more complicated problems that require more extensive work.


  1. Simple, fast and painless examination  
  2. An extremely reliable diagnostic aid 
  3. Early detection of pathological changes, e.g. initial lesions, demineralization and changes in the enamel, fissure caries  
  4. Allows the dentist to detect invisible caries that lie under intact enamel  
  5. The DIAGNOdent augments the dentist’s eye and digital X-rays: 90% of all cases of decay are identified.  
If you still have any other questions about DIAGNOdent and the best ways to prevent tooth decay, just contact us for more information.
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